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About Us

Hello everyone! We are the Chavez Family. My name is Ariana, my husband’s name is Julio and together we have two beautiful daughters named Penelope and Evelyn. Last year in 2021 we endured the most difficult times of our life. Evelyn was born on Thursday October 21, 2021. Our morning began with a long drive to Hollywood Presbyterian in Los Angeles CA. It began with the only thing on our mind being, we were finally going to meet our second beautiful daughter and if we were going to be able to bring her home with us.
Evelyn was diagnosed with a rare condition called Bilateral Renal Agenesis at week 24 of gestation. BRA is the absence of both kidneys at birth. Lack of kidneys in a developing infant can lead to a cascade of issues with the most life threatening being, the under-development of the lungs. “Incompatible with life”. This devastating term is what our doctor stated regarding our little girl’s prognosis. Our daughter fought to stabilize and made It much further than any physician time frame that was given. She joined her place with the angels that protect us all on October 25th. EvelynRae was created with the hope to keep our daughters name close to us and more importantly to give back to children all over the world.